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How to Have Openness in a Relationship?


How to Have Openness in a Relationship?

Perhaps you have heard the saying that- Relationships are like birds, if you hold them tightly they will die, if you hold them loosely they will fly, but if you hold them with care, they will stay with you forever.


Certainly, this saying is quite true in the case of relationships. There are lots of ways to maintain your relationship and to show your care towards your partner. But one prominent way to nourish your relationship is to be open-minded.

Hence, if you want to cherish good memories of your relationship, you have to be open-minded. However, being open-minded in a relationship means giving respect to others and yourself to obtain what you want from the relationship.

In the following writing, I am going to provide some tips on how to have openness in a relationship. I hope these tips will prove useful to you.

Tips on How to Have Openness in a Relationship

Communicate Effectively

Communication is a must for any relationship. You have to communicate with your partner effectively. If you want to talk about something sensitive, then choose a good time when you both won’t be interrupted by anything else.

Talk regularly with your partner at a time when you both are free like after dinner when you guys are relaxing.

Build the Habit of Listening

For an open relationship, you have to build the habit of listening to your partner if your partner feels that you heard him or her vigilantly, it will provoke him or her to be open in front of you next time. 

While your partner is talking, don’t think about your response, just listen carefully and try to understand what he or she is saying. Furthermore, when your partner finishes are quiet for a few minutes before responding, which makes sure they are done. 

Calmly Deal with Conflict

Arising of conflict while talking is common, but you have to deal with conflict in a respectful way. Instead of yelling or showing agitation explain your feelings openly and honestly. 


Establish a Relaxed Mood

If you want to ensure that your partner feels relieved to be open in front of you, then you have established a relaxed situation. For instance- you can watch a movie together, which will encourage the calmness between you or you can make jokes which make him or her laugh as laughing always leads people at ease.

Explanations and Justifications are not always good

Suppose you have done something which might have hurt your partner. While your partner is sharing how hurt he or she was by your behaviour, don’t just give explanations even if you have valid reasons. Listen to him or her quietly and express your apology.

Assumptions are bad

Do not assume that you know all things about your partner. Put your assumptions behind when your partner is talking. Afterwards, maybe you will end up learning new things about your partner, and it will boost up your bonding.

Be Honest

If you expect honesty from your partner at first, you have to be honest. Don’t lie about anything even if it's about a stressful matter. Honesty will assist in developing a healthy and open relationship.

Respect is Precious

You have to show respect for your partner’s thoughts, decisions, and feelings. If you refuse all of his/her thoughts or decisions, it will be disrespectful. To be open-minded, try to put yourself in other situations, and then you will realize their thoughts and feelings. 

Strengthen Your Relationship

To practice, openness strengthens your relationship overall. For that, you can go on a trip, or you can attend class together like- dance class, these things will give you guys to share new experiences which will ultimately make strong bonds. 


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Moreover, try to spend more time together, which will make your partner comfortable and will strengthen your bond. 

Final Words

Openness in a relationship has to be earned and maintained by following some ways. Here, I have tried to provide some tips on how to have openness in a relationship.

However, you can’t obtain openness in a relationship in just one day and after obtaining you have to nurture it vigilantly. Otherwise, you will end up having a rigid relationship with a narrow mind.

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