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101 Funny Indian Names List


101 Funny Indian Names List       

All Indian names come with some great Inner meanings. Nowadays parents are very concerned about giving great names to their children that are not only unique but also have a deep significance. But sometimes all the planning goes in vain. This happens a lot of the time when people unknowingly choose odd Indian names just to make them unique without realizing that it may sound funny to others. Let's check some of these funny names. Here are several examples of funny Indian names that will make you laugh. 

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  • Anal

The first option in our funny Indian names list is Anal. In Hindi and Sanskrit, Anal means fire. But the name becomes hilarious once we seek its English meaning. 

  • Tulsi

Tulsi is an ancient Ayurvedic tree that we all keep in our houses. The name is auspicious. It is mainly a female-oriented name. But the same thing becomes very funny when boys are given such names.


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Whare is Kutta Railway Station???

Whare is Tatti Khana Railway Station???

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  • Anas

This name is unique and has deeper meanings in Hindi, Arabic and Latin language. But the English meaning is not so significant. This Indian name really becomes hilarious and awkward in some situations.

  • Golu

We Indians keep these kinds of nicknames just to add a little fun factor and cuteness to the name. This is indeed another funny name from India that will surely make you laugh. 

  • Dambu

Here comes another hilarious nickname that we used to call our babies. But it is a funny name that doesn't really have any meaning. People will laugh at you thinking you are dumb for keeping such names.

  • Lambu

Lambu means tall. If somebody is excessively tall we sometimes call them lambu to annoy them or make fun. But sometimes people just casually keep this name even if they are not so tall. The name itself is funny.

  • Munna

This is quite a common Indian name that you can hear in almost every city. The name will also make you remember a famous Bollywood movie Munna Bhai MBBS. The name is surely quite funny. 

  • Moti

Moti is another one on the list of funny made-up Indian names. If you pronounce it correctly, it means pearl. But with a wrong pronunciation, the word becomes different and means fat. 

  • Rancho

Hearing this name Rancho, we can only think of a monkey. So, if you have this kind of name, you must have faced some embarrassment due to it. The name is also used in a famous Bollywood movie. 

  • Pornika

You might have heard a lot of funny Indian girl names. But this one will make you laugh hard. Pornika looks like a decent name unless you separately pronounce the word. Such a funny embarrassing name!

  • Hanuman

Shri Hanuman ji is a deity to whom we worship. But when the same name is given to some person, the name becomes hilarious. 

  • Honey

Some Indians keep this kind of name too. Honey is quite a funny Indian name for boys and Punjabi people mostly have such names. We all have heard about the famous Rap singer Honey Singh. 

  • Boney

Another comedy name in Hindi is Boney. This is a name best suited to girls. But mistakes happen and people give this name to boys too. A famous Bollywood director has the same name and we all know who. We all know Boney Kapoor very well.  

  • Taju

This is a pet name that some people use. The name is unique, cute and funny. 

  • Baby

Ever fallen in love? Then you must have used this word to refer to your partner romantically. But in India, people actually give this name to their children. If you have such a name, it is going to be very awkward for you.  

  • Dollar

Talking about funny fake Indian names? We have heard about one. Just type Dollar on any social media platform. You can see so many people using this name. Some might have the name in real life but there are many people using this name just to add a little fun factor. 

  • Shona

Another humorous name that we often hear couples saying to each other. It may sound funny but the word Shona is actually a common Indian name.

  • Digital Diwane

People these days use social media a lot. Hence we came across so many odd and funny Indian usernames every day. This particular username caught our attention. 

  • Mowgli

Mowgli is an animated series inspired name that is funny and cute. We all have heard about the Jungle Book story. In India, people have such names too.

  • Tirki

Have you ever heard of funny Indian tribe names? There are so many. Most of them have so many funny surnames. Tirki is one of them. 

  • Gullu

When you pronounce this name, you will surely laugh a lot. Gullu is another cute and funny Indian nickname that many people have.

  • Nana

Looking for funny uncle names? Try Nana. This word means grandfather in India. But people still use such names in real life. Famous Bollywood actor Nana Patekar has a similar name. The name is quite funny for a young person. 

  • Uday

Uday is a decent Indian name. But the name becomes hilarious if you don't pronounce it correctly. People mistakenly pronounce it 'U day' to make fun.

  • Radium Singh

We were searching for funny profile names with the letter R in them and got the name Radium Singh. Radium is an alkaline material. People having such odd names in India is quite funny. 

  • Bablu

Another common and funny Indian nickname is Bablu. It doesn't have any meaning and seems a bit childish for a grown-up.

  • Banti

This is indeed the best funny nickname for boys in Hindi you have heard. Banti is a cute name but the word has a hilarious double meaning which will make you laugh. 

  • Gajodhar

Try giving these funny desi names to anyone you know to mock them. Gajodhar is really a cherry on the top. It sounds funny in general. 

  • Rajnigandha

This is a nice Indian name unless you remember a famous tobacco product in the market with the same name. 

  • Adhar

Have you ever met anyone with the name  Adhar and the picture of your Aadhar card came flashing to your mind? Funny, isn't it?


So, we have shared a brief of some funny Indian names. If you come across any of them in your life that make you laugh, you will surely remember us. 

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