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Top 10 Bengali Horror Movies



Top 10 Bengali Horror Movies 

From the beginning of time, Bengalis are into horror, spooky, paranormal stuff. Bengalis have always endured a love-hate relationship with horror movies, so here are the well-researched top 10 picks of BENGALI HORROR MOVIES from Bengalis "Bhooter Bari". 

Top 10 Bengali Horror Movies of All Time

  1. Kankal 

Well, how exactly miss the first horror movie of Bengal? Director Naresh Mitra's 1950 film. Though this movie was experimental and that's when Bengalis have shown their love towards horror. 

This movie is a story about greed, desire, and revenge. Tarala a young woman marries a young men Ratan but could not get over her previous relationship, life flows she got murdered and the story begins.

  1. Bhooter Bhobishyot 


This is a new age movie released in 2012, the movie will be incomplete without mentioning Anik Dutta who is the director of the movie. The big age-old Kolkata’s classic mansion has been brought down to the ground to bring up a Classy Mall and multiplexes. 

The undisturbed spirits who were living in the building for centuries were disturbed due to this, good songs, dance, romance, comedy, and even Item songs. This movie is purely a masala film, giving a hint of taste to every feeling. A must-watch movie in the list of BENGALI HORROR MOVIES. 

  1.  Kuheli 

This movie is a complete Masterclass by Tarun Majumdar in 1971 and big names in the film industries were associated with the film like Sumita Sanyal, Biswajeet, Shubhendu Chatterjee, Chaya Devi, and a lot more. 

The story starts when a young woman named Sheba went to a bizarre town name Nijhumgarh and got aware that the house she is in witnesses seven murders.  Interesting?

This movie will always be the Masterclass among the BENGALI HORROR MOVIES.

  1.  Goynar Baksho 

 A film extremely witty, intellectual, and provoking. Some films are completely unpredictable the movie won't submit to the viewer by any means. Directed by Aparna Sen this movie shows the attachment and mysteries of jewelry box which are passed over generations. 

  1. Shob Bhooturey 

With Abir Chatterjee and Sohini Sarkar being lead roles, it's already being interesting. This film has really tried good attempts to scare people, the turns and the flicks in the movie leaving the audience awestruck. This is definitely a must-watch movie if you love goosebumps. 

  1. Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy 

 This movie has four short horror stories spun all together and mysteriously linked. It's inspired by Bengalis short stories, Saradindu's Bandopadhyay " Bhoot Bhobishyot" and Satyajit Ray " Brown Sahaber Bari", "Ananth Babur Bhoy" and "Lucknow Er Duel" লখনৌ এর ডুয়েল. 

Starting from Background music, editing, acting and everything is a gem. This movie has won millions of hearts and shines on top of the list of BENGALIS HORROR MOVIES.

  1. Golpo Holeo Sotti 

When all our fantasies came true about the Pizza delivery horror stories. We all at some point in our life have thought what if a" pizza delivery guy goes to a haunted house" well here in this movie it happens. 

This movie is surely hitting the spooky feeling and also making emotional by showing the turmoil of a relationship due to the financial crisis. 

  1. Arundhuti

This is a royal horror film that focuses more on the demon's perspective rather than the invisible. It's a battle where the feeling of revenge is much stronger than the spooky feeling. This film also shows Women empowerment starring Koyel Mallick 

  1.  Gupi Gyne Bagha Byne 

A horror cum comedy film, which was a massive hit directed by Satyajit Ray. This shows the best friendship between Gupi and Bagha decoding the fun-loving nature and the comedy of the movie, a genuine gem among the BENGALI HORROR MOVIES for children and even adults. It's a must-watch. 

  1. Bhoot Chaturdashi 

An absolutely newly released movie that starts with four teenagers going to the land of the occult and practice of dark magic. Experiencing the worship of the goddess of the occult. 

The bucket of the Top 10 BENGALI HORROR MOVIES is full though this has been Pandora's box once in always in. The "Bhoot" "Petni" "Rakshas" has different emotions right in the hearts of every Bengalis. This is something always been since childhood. 



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