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101 Funny Names in Tamil


101 Funny Names in Tamil     

Every person has their own identity but every individual can be recognized by their name first. Parents usually give careful thought to the names they wish to give their children. These names are supposed to sound and mean beautiful. However, there are times when they end up making odd decisions when it comes to choosing a name which leaves their kids perplexed. 


Mostly because the parents use slang which ends up being their child's name. These names might be both offensive as well as inappropriate even though they could have a beautiful meaning. Wondering what these names are? Well, then check out below for some amusing Tamil names that sound entertaining. 

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101 Funny Names in Hindi

  1. Thambi 

One of the funny Tamil names that you would come across is Thambi. Though it may sound funny, in reality, the name meaning is referred to as "young boy" and is given to someone who could be a younger brother. In other terms, the name Thambi means highly competitive and confident. 

  1. Kancha 

Kancha is another best comedy name that you may find in Tamil Nadu. This name is usually given out of love to someone innocent and very good-hearted. Simply because the name Kancha means as clear as a mirror. Also, it means a small marble ball that children play with using their fingers. 

  1. Banjo 

Banjo is a musical instrument. But in India, including in Tamil Nadu, people use the term as a name. It can be used as a funny Tamil team name or given to a specific person.

  1. Bujji

If you have a friend who is short or a kid who is the eldest among all, then you can name them Bujji. It is another best funny names that you might come across in Tamil Nadu. As a popular nickname, it is mostly given to the youngest one in the family or group which refers to the little one. Another meaning of this nickname is said to be "cute". 

  1. Chutki 

Similarly to Bujji, a name that is given to the girl child in Tamil Nadu is Chutki. This funny Tamil name is popularly used by elder brothers mostly out of love towards their younger sisters. It also refers to the little one or the youngest one in the family.

  1. Ladoo

This is one of the most amusing names that you would come across which refers to a popular Indian sweet. However, this sweet name is also given to people who are usually cute or healthy. Other meanings of the name include God and Purity. 

  1. Kaka 

Kaka is a funny Tamil name that means "child" and has its origin coming from the Middle East. 

  1. Munna 

Munna is a popular and best comedy name in Tamil which means Sweet. It is given to toddlers as well as adults. 

  1. Golu 

Golu is a popular funny name in Tamil that is given to children or people with round faces and naughty attributes.

  1. Macha 

The Tamil word for "friend" or "brother" is matcha. It can also be used to refer to  "brother-in-law". People give this name out of love for their brother unless the other person starts to feel offended.

  1. Kandu 

Another funny Tamil name that you would come across is Kandu. It is given to someone who may have a lot of itching problems as itching means Kandu in Ayurveda. 

  1. Babloo

The name sounds quite like a bird's name. But in reality, it is given to someone very young and sweet at the same time.

  1. Chinnu 

Usually, the pampered child and the youngest one in the family gets the name of Chinnu. This simply means sweet baby or the little one.

  1. Tittu 

Tittu is among the funny character names that you would come across. You may have even heard of this name in a Bollywood film "Sonu Ke Tittu ki Sweety". This name refers to someone who is a darling, beloved, favourite and lovable one.

  1. Gayalu 

The name Gayalu is quite funny and its meaning is even odder than you may think. 

This funny team name in Tamil means deserted, abandoned, complete waste or uncultivated land.

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  1. Muthu 

You might laugh after hearing the name Muthu. But it is genuinely a name with a very nice meaning. This can be used for any individual or as a funny group name in Tamil. It refers to a precious gemstone or pearl.

  1. Shonty

Shonty is another funny Tamil name that refers to someone with a highly charged personality. A person who is usually diplomatic attracts great ideas or is intuitive is given this name.


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  1. Chunnu

Here comes another popular and best comedy name in Tamil. Chunnu is a nickname that is usually given to children who are cute and sweet. You can give this name to any child who you may find with an expressive nature.

  1. Dhakkan

Among the funny names in Tamil, Dhakkan comes next on the list. As funny as the name might sound, its meaning is even funnier. Yes, the meaning of the name is a Lid. It is given to elder siblings or friends out of fun who usually do not understand things at once. In other words, it is given to someone who is dumb and not quick-minded.


  1. Duggu

Duggu is also a famous funny Tamil name that is only given to the boy child. The name usually means a medicinal plant. But it also refers to Lord Vishnu. The devotees mostly use this name to refer to their infants out of love.

  1. Pappu

If you thought "Pappu" was simply another boy's nickname, then mind it. This is a very popular and funny nickname that you might come across. The name "Pappu" refers to a sweet but not particularly intelligent young man. 

  1. Gutti

Lastly, comes another funny name which is used as a nickname for men in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. It is also a funny character name if you have watched the Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma show. The name simply means protection and watchfulness.

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