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Who is Santanu Bagchi?


Who is Santanu Bagchi?

Santanu Bagchi is a Bengali actor and director who has made a mark in both the film and advertising industry. 

Birth Place: Kolkata

Inspired by: Famous Director and Writer Satyajit Ray (Oscar Award winner)

He met Ray when he was five or six years old and worked with him as a child actor in the film Sonar Kella. He also acted in other films such as Ramer Sumati and Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne.


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Santanu Bagchi’s Career

He pursued his graduation in graphic design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He then moved to Mumbai and started his career as an ad filmmaker. He has directed more than 500 commercials for various brands and celebrities, such as Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Kajol, Saif Ali Khan, Brett Lee, Sachin Tendulkar and Katrina Kaif. He has won many international awards for his work, such as the New York Festival Award, the Asian Cannes Award, the Goa Fest Award, and the Indian Ad Club Award.

Journey as a Film Director

He made his debut as a film director in 2023 with the Bollywood film Mission Majnu, which was a spy thriller based on a real-life covert operation in Pakistan during the 1970s. The film starred Sidharth Malhotra and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles and was a critical and commercial success. It was trending in the top 10 films list in 18 countries on Netflix, including India, Canada, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sri Lanka. It also became the No. 2 non-English film globally on Netflix in its opening weekend of release and took the first spot in India.

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Santanu Bagchi’s Skills

Santanu Bagchi is known for his storytelling skills and his ability to create engaging and realistic characters. He is influenced by other filmmakers like Vittorio De Sica, Majid Majidi, Akira Kurosawa, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, and Ridley Scott2. He is also an illustrator and has done illustration work for one of India’s leading children’s comics magazines. He is very close to Satyajit Ray’s family and keeps in touch with his son Sandip Ray. He is currently working on his next film project, which is yet to be announced.

Santanu Bagchi- The Journey | How It All Started?

Santanu Bagchi, a name that resonates with the heartbeats of Bengali cinema, is a multifaceted artist known for his remarkable contributions as an actor and director. Born on March 15, 1975, in Kolkata, West Bengal, Santanu's journey in the world of entertainment has been nothing short of extraordinary. His passion for storytelling, coupled with his innate talent, has made him a beloved figure in the Bengali film industry. This biography delves into the life, career, and impact of Santanu Bagchi.

Early Life and Education

Santanu Bagchi's artistic journey began in the bylanes of Kolkata, where he spent his formative years. Born to a middle-class Bengali family, he grew up immersed in the cultural richness of the city. From a young age, he exhibited a deep interest in the performing arts, often participating in school plays and cultural events. His parents, recognizing his talent and dedication, encouraged him to pursue his passion.

Santanu's academic journey took him to Jadavpur University, where he pursued a degree in English Literature. It was during his college years that he honed his acting skills through various drama clubs and theatre productions. His dedication and natural flair for acting earned him accolades and recognition from his peers and professors.

Early Career in Theatre

After completing his education, Santanu Bagchi decided to take his passion for acting to the next level. He began his professional career in the world of theatre, a decision that would prove to be a pivotal one. He joined one of Kolkata's prominent theatre groups, where he showcased his versatility as an actor. His stage performances were marked by intensity, emotional depth, and a keen understanding of character psychology.

Santanu's theatre career allowed him to work with some of the finest playwrights and directors in the industry. His dedication to the craft earned him critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. Through his theatrical performances, he not only honed his acting skills but also developed a deep appreciation for storytelling and the nuances of human emotions.

Entry into Bengali Cinema

Santanu Bagchi's talent was soon noticed by the Bengali film industry. In the late 1990s, he made his debut in Bengali cinema with a supporting role in a critically acclaimed film. His performance was a revelation, showcasing his ability to seamlessly transition from theatre to the big screen. Santanu's entry into cinema was marked by a commitment to authenticity and a desire to bring meaningful stories to life.

Over the years, Santanu Bagchi worked with some of the most renowned directors in the Bengali film industry. His dedication to his craft and his ability to inhabit diverse characters made him a sought-after actor. His filmography is a testament to his versatility, as he effortlessly moved between genres, portraying both complex and relatable characters.

Career Highlights

Santanu Bagchi's career in Bengali cinema is studded with memorable performances that have left an indelible mark on the audience's hearts. Some of his career-defining roles include:

1. 'Aditya' in "Antarjali Jatra" (2003): 

Santanu's portrayal of Aditya, a conflicted artist torn between love and duty, received widespread acclaim. The film, directed by a renowned filmmaker, explored the intricacies of human relationships and emotions.

2. 'Rajat' in "Megher Pore Megh" (2007): 

In this thought-provoking drama, Santanu Bagchi played the role of Rajat, a schoolteacher who becomes embroiled in a moral dilemma. His performance was lauded for its subtlety and depth.

3. 'Abir' in "Brishti Tomake Dilam" (2010):

This romantic film showcased Santanu's versatility as he portrayed Abir, a passionate musician. His chemistry with the lead actress and his soulful renditions of classic Bengali songs added to the film's charm.

4. 'Bijoy' in "Amar Swapno" (2015):

Santanu's portrayal of Bijoy, a struggling writer searching for his identity, was a poignant exploration of creative aspirations and personal struggles. His performance resonated with aspiring artists.

Directorial Debut: "Aparajito" (2018): 

Not content with just being a remarkable actor, Santanu Bagchi ventured into directing with "Aparajito." This film, which he also wrote and starred in, received critical acclaim for its storytelling and visual aesthetics.

Directorial Journey

Santanu Bagchi's foray into direction was a natural progression in his artistic journey. In "Aparajito," his directorial debut, he displayed a keen eye for storytelling and an ability to create evocative visuals. The film, which explored the complexities of family relationships, showcased his versatility as a filmmaker.

As a director, Santanu continued to draw from his deep understanding of human emotions and his experiences as an actor. His films often delved into themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. While his directorial career was still in its early stages, it was evident that he had a unique voice and a vision for cinema that resonated with audiences.

Legacy and Impact

Santanu Bagchi's contributions to Bengali cinema are not limited to his performances and directorial ventures. He has been a mentor and source of inspiration for aspiring actors and filmmakers. His commitment to authenticity and storytelling has set a standard in the industry, encouraging others to explore meaningful narratives.

Furthermore, Santanu has been actively involved in promoting Bengali cinema on the international stage. His participation in film festivals and collaborations with international filmmakers has helped bring Bengali cinema to a global audience. His dedication to preserving the cultural heritage of Bengal through his work has been commendable.

Personal Life

Outside of his acting and directing endeavours, Santanu Bagchi is known for his humility and down-to-earth nature. He remains deeply connected to his roots in Kolkata and is involved in philanthropic activities that support education and the arts in his hometown. He is also a passionate advocate for the preservation of Bengali culture and language.


Santanu Bagchi's journey from the stages of Kolkata's theatres to the silver screen and eventually to the director's chair is a testament to his unwavering passion for storytelling and the performing arts. His ability to bring depth and authenticity to his characters has left an indelible mark on Bengali cinema. As an actor and director, he continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his talent and vision, making him a beloved figure in the world of Bengali entertainment. Santanu Bagchi's legacy is not just in the films he has created but in the hearts and minds of those who have been touched by his artistry.

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