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Top 20 Bollywood Horror Movies of All Time


Top 20 Bollywood Horror Movies of All Time

Bollywood has a vast genre of movies, and it's been popular over the last 50 years in cinema. Bollywood gave us full entertainment in one movie. We are going to talk about the best Bollywood horror movies of the last 50 years here. Hindi cinema has given us some really scary movies that will take your sleep away and make your night scarier. Here are 20 horror movies list which you definitely can't watch alone.

1. Stree

Stree is an Indian comedy horror movie released in 2018. This movie has an aged fan base. The plot is, that there is a village where a ghost of a"Stree" or "wife" comes at night and if she finds out any adult man outside their house she takes them away. This is the part where u will definitely get goosebumps or going to cover your eyes. Don't miss this movie ever.

2. Gumnaam

This is a 1965 Bollywood thriller movie. Some people are going to stay at a mansion on a remote island, where an anonymous person is going to murder them one by one. The thrilling music, use of light, and acting will take your breath away. This movie may maybe old but still very popular to watch.

3. Bees saal baad

Bees saal baad means 'after twenty years', also a very scary Hindi horror movie, directed by Biren Nag. This movie was based on Hemendra Kumar Roy's Nishithini Bivishika. This is a romantic thriller movie, in fact, this is the most previous thriller and horror movie in Hindi cinema.

4. Gupt

Gupt, 'The Hidden Truth' is one of the most thrilling movies in Bollywood till now. It was released in 1997 and directed by Rajiv Rai. Casting Bobby Deol, Manisha Koirala, Kajol. This is the best suspense thriller and has a twist at the end. Don't get any reviews or any spoilers just watch it as soon as possible. You can guess the murderer watching this movie, but if you can identify him/her,  you have an intelligent mind. So just watch it.

5. Kaun

Kaun means 'who', this is a psychological horror movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma, and released in 1999. Ram Gopal Varma always worked hard on the details of scripts and sets and he knows how to get the attention of the viewer. In this movie, the main character Urmila Matondkar, finds herself alone at home, two people come by and ask for shelter from the rain. Also, a mental patient ran out of the hospital. In this context, the movie is super scary till now in Bollywood horror movies. There is a twist in the end, which will drop your jaw.

6. Raat

This movie was released in 1992, and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. A family moved into a new place, with a daughter mini. After some time they noticed that strange things were happening in their house and all were somehow related to mini, or done by her. They get help from a priest and find out that their daughter is possessed by a spirit. This is also a very scary, horror movie made in the Hindi cinema till now.

7. Woh Kaun this

"Woh Kaun Thi" or "Who was she?" It is an Indian mystery thriller movie, released in 1964, directed by Raj Khosla. The plot is, that a doctor gives a lift to a woman, and after that day he loses his sanity. This can be done by some ghostly character or some human being or it can be all mental or psychological doubts. It will be judged by you if you watch the movie. However, in the end, you can understand there is no ghost. But the movie will give you a thrill.

8. Naina

Naina means the eye. This is really a scary movie in Bollywood. It was released on 20 May 2005, directed by Shripal Morakhia. In this movie, a blind girl transplants her eyes in a hospital. After the operation, she developed some vision that came with those eyes, actually from the owner of those eyes, a child. This situation makes her insane and in the end, she finally decides to be blind again. It's a  good story in a horror movie kind of story.

9. Raaz

Raaz is a Bollywood horror movie series, produced and directed by Vikram Bhatt and Mohit Suri. It has three parts and all are scary. Where a young couple falls in love and goes to spend some holiday together. When some spirit possesses the girl mysterious events occur. These movies have nice music, sets, and thrilling stories. If you didn't watch it yet don't waste your time and watch serially.

10. Krishna cottage

Krishna Cottage is a 2004 Indian horror and thriller movie, directed by Santram Varma. A group of college friends went to a mysterious cottage and took shelter, after some time sinister events started to happen, a spirit haunts one of them throughout his life and she waits for him until they reach the cottage.

11. Vaastu Shastra

This is a 2004 horror mystery movie, where a couple and their son and wife's sister move to a countryside old house, and the young son reacts mysteriously to the house. The house was talking to him, or doing things with him, which his parents ignore until the past from the house gets powerful and begins to murder. An all-time scary movie it is, everyone must watch this film.

12. 1920

This is a 2008 Bollywood horror movie, directed by Vikram Bhatt. This is the scariest movie ever. The set, and makeup all are the best and will make you scared at most. The plot is, that a newly married husband and wife move to a haveli. There is a painting of a person from the past related to the house. A spirit was already there and he possessed the wife and the story goes horrifically well after that. It's a nice horror movie.

13. Darna Mana hai

This movie was directed by Ram Gopal Varma and released in 2003. Some friends go to the forest and each one tells a ghost story over a bonfire. After some time everyone goes missing one by one. The stories and their real life combined together and it made a disaster for them. This movie has a unique storyline.

14. Darna zaroori hai

This is another Bollywood horror movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma, J D Chakrabarty, Sajid Khan, and Prawaal Raman, released in 2006. This is the story of some children who get lost in the forest and find an abandoned house. They took shelter for the night and an old woman suddenly appeared as if it was her house, she told the children some stories and made them listen through the night. After that day, all the children found themselves in the house in a mysterious way. Watch the film and get the twist.

15. 13B: fear has a new address

This is a psychological horror Hindi movie, released in 2009. Directed by Vikram Kumar. This story has a totally unique story base. One family lives on the 13th floor, and they found sinister activity in their house through their television. The spirit was communicating with them through the TV. This is a very scary movie until now. Lots of scary things are there in the movie.

16. Pari

Pari is another Bollywood horror movie directed by Prosit Roy and released in 2018. When a young man tries to help a chained woman, he thinks that maybe she is a victim of abuse and wants to rescue her and give her a normal life like the others. But as he takes her to his house, the main story begins after that. A nice story and of course too scary it is.

17. Pizza

This movie was released in 2014 and directed by Akshay Akkineni. This is a real horror movie of all time. A pizza delivery boy goes to an apartment to deliver pizza. He somehow got stuck in the apartment and could not able to leave the place. Now, sinister events happening to him and how he survives through the time, this movie is all about that.

18. Click

This is also a horror drama movie from Bollywood, released in 2010 and directed by Sangeetha Sevan. In this movie, a young couple gets involved in an accident, and the girl knocks down a girl on the road. After this incident, the boy who was a photographer, faced strange events in his life and also his girlfriend. After that, they go down with the incident and find out their past is related and a vengeful spirit is doing bad things to them. A good horror movie where you can find romance and all.

19. Bhoot

This is a 2003 horror-thriller movie in Hindi, directed by Ram Gopal Varma. In this movie, a couple moves to a new house and after some time husband notices her wife is acting strangely. This movie has a nice set, a nice scary atmosphere, and all you can get from this movie if you love to watch horror movies.

20. Horror story

Last but not least, a horror story is really a horror story in Bollywood horror movies. It was released in 2013, directed by Ayush Raina. A group of friends challenged themselves and entered a haunted hotel to spend the night. It was already haunted and some suicidal events happened before there. They ignore these stories as superstitions and stayed at the hotel. It all goes wrong and murder and killing started with no clue. These events changed their life, they never expected.

So, these all-time watched Bollywood horror movies will be worth watching. They have nice stories, scary atmosphere, music, songs, and full of entertainment. So don't get bored, try these movies if you didn't watch them. And try one movie each night, it will be best if u watch these movies in a dark room, with a bowl of popcorn and alone. Enjoy!

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