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List of Manisha Koirala’s Horror Movies


List of Manisha Koirala’s Horror Movies

Manisha Koirala is a Nepalese actress pictured in both Hindi and Tamil movies. She performed so well in such pictures that she was awarded The Filmfare Award for Best Actress. Manisha Koirala Horror Movies have gained popularity in the Indian cinema halls for expressing feelings, inner meanings, and the simplest but natural way of acting. Hence the list of Manisha Koirala Horror Movies is listed below for your kind attention:

Beautiful Manisha Koirala in an interview
  1. Bhoot Returns

This Manisha Koirala horror movie is a sequel to 2004. This picture has dramatically depicted the changing phases of a family life once they enter into another house. Many odd incidents start taking place and the young girl feels the existence of a person named “Shabbo”. Unwanted incidents start occurring and lastly, the family makes its way out through these miseries. Throughout this journey, you will explore many suspicious and uneventful happenings. In order to discover who the guy Shabbo is, and why he only comes in front of this child girl, could only be deciphered once you watch this movie closely.


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  1. Anjaane

This is one of the Manisha Koirala ghost movies, which is based on two loving couples Shivani (Manisha Koirala) and Aditya (Sanjay Kapoor). They are rich and dwell in a luxurious mansion happily with two of their kiddies. But all this takes a tragic turn with the entry of another character by the name of Sonia (Tejaswini Kolhapure) who is the ex-lover of Aditya. This leads to a big dispute. Ultimately Aditya divorces Shivani and wants to return his children. Although the case goes in Aditya's favour, the overall journey brings a lot of suspense and chills with horror, which is the theme of the story.

  1. Jaani Dushman

This is the Manisha Koirala scary movie who in the disguise of a snake that can travel far and wide and might assume different shapes was waiting for an avenge for the brutality and extreme torture of her dear lover, Vasundhara.


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Actress Manisha Koirala was born on 16-08-1970 and acted in all 64 movies. Her first movie was First Love Letter. This Bollywood actress was to be seen for the last time in The National Award Winning film "I Am" and played the central role in Ram Gopal Varma's horror movie "Bhoot". This sequel was shot using 


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