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List of Feluda Movies Directed by Sandip Ray



List of Feluda Movies Directed by Sandip Ray 

The very famous Indian director and writer Satyajit Ray, also the father of Sandip Ray invented the character of Feluda. This was basically a fictitious detective and private eye who was also sometimes known as Prodosh Chandra Mitra [Mitter]. Residing in Kolkata, the character initially appeared in the Bengali Children's Publication called Sandesh in the year 1965. 

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A Still from Feluda 30 Baksho Rahasya- Featuring: Sabyasachi Chackraborty Feluda

At the time, it was edited by Satyajit Ray and Subhas Mukhopadhyay. The character became so well loved and embraced by the audiences that the first excursion that took place was Feludar Goendagiri. Even after Satyajit Ray, the movies on Feluda did not stop. They kept coming as they were directed by Sandip Ray. 

                              About Feluda 

Full Name 

Prodosh Chandra Mitter 

Known As 



Fictional Private Investigator 


21 Rajani Sen Road, Ballygunge 

First Publication 

Sandesh (Bengali Children Magazine) 

Born In 


Character Created By 

Satyajit Ray

About Sandip Ray - Bengali Film and TV Director 

Sandip Ray is a renowned director in Bengali TV and film. He began his career as an assistant director when he was just 22 years old. His father was Satyajit Ray who himself was a renowned Film, Director, Writer, Illustrator, Music Composer, Lyricist, Author, Essayist and Calligrapher. With a deep interest in filmmaking, he served as an editor as well in the children's magazine called Sandesh which was published by his father and great grandfather Upendrakishore Ray. He made several movies including Bombaiyer Bombete in the year of 2003 featuring Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Parambrata Chatterjee, and Bibhu Bhattacharya in the lead roles. This was a Feluda movie which received great appreciation from the audience. However, the enthusiasm didn't stop. He later directed many more Feluda movies which were a hit. 

Which Feluda Movies were Directed by Sandip Ray?

Even though it was Satyajit Ray who introduced the character of Feluda, the journey continued throughout after receiving uncountable love from the audience. After Satyajit Ray, his son Sandip Ray directed many movies including the Feluda film series. He himself was so in love with the character that he wanted to make it eternal as long as possible. Some of the Feluda movies that he directed include 

  • Hatyapuri

  • Double Feluda 

  • Badshahi Angti 

  • Royal Bengal Rohosso 

  • Gorosthaney Sabdhan 

  • Tintoretto-r Jishu

  • Kailashey Kelenkari 

  • Bombaiyer Bombete 

  • Satyajiter Priyo Galpo - This was a series of seven TV films which included a Feluda film

  • Feluda 30 - This series included five TV films based on Feluda

  • Baksho Rahashya

  • Gosaipur Sargaram

  • Sheyal Debota Rahasya 

  • Bosepukure Khunkharapi 

  • Joto Kando Kathmandu-te

  • Jahangirer Swarnamudra (Satyajiter Goppo) 

  • Ghurghutiar Ghotona (Satyajiter Goppo)

  • Golapi Mukto (Satyajiter Goppo) 

  • Ambar Sen Antardhan Rahasya (Satyajiter Goppo) 

  • Dr. Munshir Diary

How Many Actors Have Played the Character Feluda?

Feluda is a very popular character that has been played for decades. There is not one actor who has played the role entirely but many. This is because Feluda was so appreciated by the audiences and the interest towards it never decreased made the director Satyajit Ray or Sandip Ray film it multiple times. Many renowned actors of their time played this character including

Many of the actors have even received awards and accolades for their exceptional performances as Feluda.

What Makes Feluda Eternal?

Although Feluda might not be the lad next door as investigators are rarely that. The character was never intended to be perfect which somehow ends up making it perfect. Feluda is seen making mistakes, delaying things, losing his temper and doing every other human behaviour- but still ends up being the hero. 

Besides the character himself, there are many things which make the whole concept eternal. People love how mysteries are solved in an old-fashioned way where clues are not digital but old diaries, hidden notes, etc. Being armed with intelligence, Feluda gives chills with his every move made with intellectualism. 

There is trivia, not lessons alongside the story and the people which adds spice to the storyline. Apart from the illustration, the comfort of continuity is what keeps the audience going and yearning for more. When you want to watch something interesting, Feluda is worth a try. 

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