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List of Feluda Movies by Sabyasachi Chakraborty


List of Feluda Movies by Sabyasachi Chakraborty 

The detective media franchise "Feluda" centres on a character named Feluda created by Satyajit Ray who is a popular Indian Bengali Film director and writer. This character is seen in many Bengali novels and short stories. Serving as a private investigator - Feluda is said to live in Ballygunge in Kolkata.


A Still from the Movie Baksho Rahasya- Featuring: Sabyasachi Chakraborty (Felu da) and Saswata Chattopadhyay (Topshe)

In the year 1965, the first debut of this character was made in a Bengali Children's Magazine called Sandesh. This magazine was published by Satyajit Ray and Subhas Mukhopadhyay. But that's not where the journey of Feluda stopped. It continued over the years and people loved it immensely. To know more about Feluda, keep reading until the end. 

                              About Feluda 

Full Name 

Prodosh Chandra Mitter 

Known As 



Fictional Private Investigator 


21 Rajani Sen Road, Ballygunge 

First Publication 

Sandesh ( Bengali Children Magazine ) 

Born In 


Character Created By 

Satyajit Ray

About Sabyasachi Chakraborty 

Indian actor Sabyasachi Chakrabarty performs in theatre, movies, and television. He is primarily known for playing Kakababu and Feluda which are the two very famous Bengali detective characters. The actor was born and brought up in Kolkata. 

Ever since his early days, he had a keen interest in the character Feluda which he also mentioned in his interviews. He also spoke about starring as Feluda as he met Satyajit Ray. By the time he performed in theatres and soon received a call from Mr. Ray received the offer to become the iconic hero of Bengali Literature.

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How Many Feluda Movies Did Satyajit Ray Make?

Which are the Feluda Movies by Sabyasachi Chakraborty?

Feluda also known as Prodosh Chandra Mitra is a character of a legendary detective. Being a timeless figure from Bengali literature, it has really connected with the audience over the years. Not only Feluda has been seen as a brave-hearted character but also praised as a childhood hero. 

Every single person living in Kolkata has readily connected to this character created by Satyajit Ray. There have been many actors who have played the character of Feluda including Sabyasachi. But if you are someone who hasn't watched Feluda yet or want to know the Feluda movies list by Sabyasachi Chakraborty, then check below.

Meanwhile, also check out the list of Top 10 Feluda Movies of All Time

  • Feludar Goendagiri - Bhushawargo Bhoyonkawr

  • The Golden Fortress 

  • The Elephant God

  • Bombaiyer Bombete 

  • Kailashey Kelenkari 

  • Tintorettor Jishu

  • Gorosthane Sabhdhan 

  • Royal Bengal Rahasya

  • Badshahi Angti

  • Baksho Rahasya 

  • Ambar Sen Antardhan Rahasya 

  • Double Feluda

  • Gosaipur Sargaram 

  • Jahangirer Swarnamudra 

  • Ghurghutiyar Ghotona 

  • Dr. Munshir Diary 

  • Golapi Mukto Rahasya 

  • Sheyal Debota Rahasya

  • Bosepukure Khunkharapi 

  • Joto Kando Kathmandute 

  • Feludar Goyendagiri - Darjeeling Jawmjawmaat 

  • Hatyapuri 

Who are the Other Casts Who Played Besides Feluda?

As mentioned earlier, there were many actors who played the popular role of Feluda. Even though Sabyasachi Chakraborty has been highly praised for his role, there are many other characters who are not left unappreciated. These other actors have potentially played the role of Feluda in the best way making the show interesting and loved by the audience. Some of these actors include 

  • Sabyasachi Chakraborty - Feluda, Prodosh Mitra (Feluda), Prodosh Mitra

  • Bibhu Bhattacharya - Lalmohan Ganguly, Lalmohan Ganguly / Jatayu, Lalmohan Ganguly (Jatayu)

  • Saheb Bhattacharya - Topshe, Vishnudas Balaporia / Rajendra Raina

  • Tota Roy Chowdhury - Robin Chowdhury, Feluda

  • Soumitra Chatterjee - Prodosh Mitra (Feluda)

  • Parambrata Chatterjee - Tapesh (Topshe), Topshe, Tapesh

  • Santosh Dutta - Lalmohan Ganguli (Jotayu), Lalmohan Ganguly (Jatayu)

  • Siddhartha Chatterjee - Tapesh Mitter, Tapesh (Topshe)

  • Kalpan Mitra - Topshe, Topse

  • Anirban Chakrabarti - Jatayu

  • Abhijit Guha - Jawtayoo 

  • Sourav Das - Topshe

  • Abir Chatterjee - Feluda

  • Indraneil Sengupta - Feluda

Some other minor characters who played beside Feluda were Srinath, Jagannath, Bharadwaj and Baikuntha Nath Malik. 

Why is Feluda the Most Loved Detective in Bengal?

There is not one but many reasons that have made Feluda the heartthrob of Bengal. Its popularity has grown over the years and there is even a restaurant in West Bengal that has a Feluda Theme called Mogojastro

People have appreciated the character and have never gotten bored which makes it evident how unpredictable, surprising and exciting Feluda could be. But that's not it. There are many more reasons why people have still not given up on this legendary character and look forward to watching it over again. 

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Reasons What Makes Feluda the Best in Town 

  • Feluda is loved because of his intellectuality and powering wit.

  • He is a fitness fanatic which makes women of Bengal fall for him head over heels.

  • Bookworms have nowhere to go but adore him as Feluda himself is a voracious reader 

  • He is a pro in martial arts.

  • Feluda is good-looking and an eligible bachelor in town. 

  • He has an observing personality with a sharp memory.

  • Globetrotters and wanderlust find him relatable as Feluda is also a travel buff.

How Many Awards and Accolades Did Sabyasachi Chakraborty aka Feluda Win?

As being the most loved character, the actor Sabyasachi Chakraborty was honoured with the award for playing the best actor as Feluda. He was given the Anandalok Award for the film Bombaiyer Bombete in the year of 2004. 

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