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How Many Feluda Movies Did Satyajit Ray Make?


How Many Feluda Movies Did Satyajit Ray Make?     

Feluda is a very popular Bengali character and detective media franchise that was created by Satyajit Ray. He was an Indian Bengali film director and writer. There are many novels and short tales in Bengali that feature this character. Feluda is basically a private eye that is rumoured to reside in Ballygunge.


This feature first appeared in the Bengali children's magazine in the year of 1965 called Sandesh. The journal was collaboratively published by both Subhas Mukhopadhyay and Satyajit Ray. People have been greatly adorning this character over the years, falling head over heels for it. 

                              About Feluda 

Full Name 

Prodosh Chandra Mitter 

Also Known As 


Role Played 

Fictional Private Investigator 


21 Rajani Sen Road, Ballygunge 

First Publication 

Sandesh ( Bengali Children Magazine ) 

Born In The Year 


Character Created By 

Satyajit Ray

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How Many Feluda Movies Are Made by Satyajit Ray?

There have been many Feluda films to date and the role has been played by many artists until now. However, if you are wondering how long is the Satyajit Ray Feluda movie list, then wait. There are two Feluda movies that this legendary figure Satyajit Ray directed. These two films were Sonar Kella which was released in the year of 1974 and Joy Baba Felunath which was released in the year of 1978. 

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Apart from the movies, it was Satyajit himself who created the character of Feluda alongside Subhas Mukhopadhyay through his publication called Sandesh which was a Bengali children's magazine. After  Feluda movies by Satyajit Ray, the legacy was continued by his son Sandip Ray who made a few other films that were the continuation of the original series.

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Did Any Feluda Movies by Satyajit Ray Win Award? 

As Satyajit Ray was a popular and talented Bengali film director and writer - his work cannot be neglected. He wrote around 35 Feluda movies in total. Through his immense dedication and passion, he created two  Feluda movies them that turned out to be a hit. His efforts did not go in vain and he received awards as well. Among the Feluda movies by Satyajit Ray, was Sonar Kella which received three National awards. These three awards included 

  • Best feature film in Bengali 

  • Best Direction 

  • Best screenplay. 

In addition to this, his other film that was Joy Baba Felunath was honoured with a National award for being the Best Children's film.

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Do People Still Love Feluda?

There is no doubt how much people still love Feluda. Ask a Bengali and they will say you have not watched anything if you have not watched Feluda. From children to adults, everyone loves this character for his charming wits, knowledge, mistakes, temper and other attributes. Realistically for is an eternal character who solves mysteries in an old-school manner - every move of his gives chills to the audience. Even decades from now, it is predictable that the character will still be alive in everyone's heart. 

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