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Why are there no Female Character Roles played in Feluda Movies by Satyajit Ray?



Why are there no Female Character Roles played in Feluda Movies by Satyajit Ray?

Why are female characters not displayed in the Feluda Series?

The involvement of female figures is however not considered to be okay as most of the Feluda Serial Comics are generally clustered with a large group of readers who are passing through the stage of adolescence. Adolescence is a stage where the book readers are neither too young nor that old enough. Due to this period, female characters were not much entertained and such stories were actually published through Sandesh Magazine, where most of the readers were youngsters.


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Why Are Females Excluded in the Feluda Series?

Feluda more popularly known as Pradosh Chandra Mitter is the first step of a child born and brought up in Bengal, as well as for the grown-up guys. This legendary character has been personified as an intellectual, hardworking, strong, bold, daredevil, and ready to face all challenges. This makes him a big inspiration in the minds of young Bengali men. This characterizes Feluda with immense masculinity which denotes idealism for men that surpluses the women's domain.


Generally, females are more interested in reading literature books that are fictitious where the overall characters play their specific roles, individual performances, and personal autonomy, and the general story is sketched on ladies' roles.

Feminism in the Feluda Series

The existence of female characters in the Feluda Series does create something strange, which simply does not exist. However, this is discussed on a broad scale. In an interview that was launched recently, one of the illustrations said that the absence of women in the Feluda Series makes the sequence a bit odd, and might make some confirmations to introduce some female characters in the nearby locations. Therefore the pedestrians, people dining in hotels, and buyers were all females in these comics.

If you go through Sherlock Holmes' adventurous books, you would observe that Irene Adler from Scandal of Bohemia was a lady in the extraordinary detective's life. You might be wondering if there is a special role for a woman in Feluda's operations. Had he never fallen in love or he is very much obsessed with his professional career. There might be a short explanation for your query. Even if there is a lady love or a fiancee, he keeps a big secret from his fellow assistant Topshe, who is a young guy. Or maybe Topshe has been strictly ordered not to commit anything personal. There is another interesting factor. There do exist a lot of female fans in the realistic world, but the presence of female figures is limited in the Feluda Series. 

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