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Funny Names of Footballers that will Make you Burst Out Laughing


Funny Names of Footballers that will Make you Burst Out Laughing 

Imagine shouting out your favourite footballer's name in front of everyone. Feels great. Isn't it? And why not? With the hard work they put in, football players deserve all the respect from all around the world. No doubt, whether people scream the name of their favourite football players or commentators pronounce it, fans love to hear it all. 


The List of Most Hillarious Football Players' Names of All Time

On the other hand, there are some names of football players who may giggle within seconds upon hearing or calling out. Even though these names aren't bad, it's just there's something funny about them. Can't wait to have deep conversations with your friends, sharing who had the funniest footballing name? To help you here are the funniest names of footballers that will make you laugh out loud. 

Funny Footballer Names- The List of Top Funny Names of All Time | These Are Just Hillarious

  1. Norman Conquest 

Are you thinking the same? No, it's not about an important piece of historical significance. Here Norman Conquest refers to an Australian goalkeeper. He was featured for the International team back in the 1940s. 

  1. Two-Boys Gladstone Gamede

Two-Boys Gladstone Gamede? Why on earth someone would pick such a name? Is this what you're thinking? Firstly, he is a South African footballer, currently playing for River City Rovers. Secondly, the reason behind this name is that his mother had two boys and wanted people to know that he was the second one by calling Two Boys. 

  1. Creedence Clearwater Couto

Even though Creedence Clearwater Couto is funny to hear, he is well renowned for his unusual name. He is a 34-year-old Brazilian footballer, currently playing for Santa Cruz. Besides the reason behind such a name is his parents. They were a big fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival- an American band. Therefore, they decided to adopt this name for his son Couto. 

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  1. Have-a-look Dube

Another funny football player's name is Have-a-look Dube. He played in Zimbabwe for the Zimbabwe national team and for the Njube Sundowns at club level. 

  1. Steve Cook

Cook? Yes, Steve Cook is another funny football player's name. He is a 31-year-old English defender. He plays for the newly promoted Premier League Side, Nottingham Forest. He is well renowned and has played for clubs like Bournemouth and Brighton and Hove Albion throughout his career.

  1. Declan Rice 

Another name on the list of funny football players is Declan Rice. No, it's not about the rice you eat or any restaurant. He plays as a midfielder for West Ham United. However, currently, he is the captain. 

  1. Yaya Banana

Banana? How can someone be called as a fruit name? Here, the banana is when Yaya scores a goal. He is a Cameroonian defender who plays for the Indian club Bengaluru FC and has 16 caps. 

  1. Razvan Rat

Are you thinking the same? Rodents that terrorise home? No wait! Here Razvan Dinca Rat is a Romanian former football player. He played for the likes of Rayo Vallecano, Shakhtar Donetsk and Westham United as a left-back. However, he retired in the year 2018. Besides, if you think he moves like a rodent or smells to sniff dirty kits, then you're mistaken. 

  1. Gernot Sick

Sick? Diseases? No! Here Gernot Sick is another funny football player name. He is an Austrian midfielder. However, he retired at a very early age of 28 due to numerous knee operations. 

  1. Segar Bastard

Bastard? Why would someone give himself an abusive name? Funny. Isn't it? Segar Bastard was an amateur football player for three clubs and for England once. He played for Leyton. However, after his playing career, he became an international referee. 

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  1. Daley Blind

Blindness has nothing to do with this football player. Daley Blind is another versatile Dutch football player with a funny name. He currently plays for Ajax. Besides, you must know that he is not technically blind.  

  1. Dean Whitehead

Whitehead? Another funny football player's name is Dean Whitehead. He is an English footballer who plays for Huddersfield Town as a midfielder. His surname has made him more popular than his entire playing professional career. Are your abilities not working to make you popular? Why not change your surname to a funny one?

  1. Bongo Christ 

Jesus Christ? No, its Bongo Christ. He is a Congolese striker who played for a host of clubs such as SV Wilhelmshaven and Hannover 96. Okay, this doesn't mean that the next time you're scared you'll call upon Bongo instead of Jesus Christ. 

  1. Johny Dick

Johnny, Avoid being a jerk! John has really got a funny name and he played more than 250 games for Arsenal between 1900 and 1905. Also, a daily newspaper in London published the headline "Arsenal to play tomorrow with dicks out" had really got everyone laughing out loud. Despite how humorous it would sound, it truly turned out to be a big joke that was remembered for a long time. 

  1. Johnny Moustache 

Wait, He is not a role player from any 90's American crime film. Rather he is the former captain of the Seychelles national team. Also, he is a legend of the East African country. 

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  1. Robbie Savage

Robbie Savage is another funny football player's name. He is a former Welsh midfielder. He played for the likes of Derby County, Birmingham City, Manchester United, Leicester City, and Blackburn Rovers. Currently, he is a football pundit. Besides, as his name implies, don't be surprised with his savages on TV. 

  1. Roberto Dynamite 

Dynamite? Shocked? Wait. Roberto Dinamite also known as Carlos Roberto de Oliveira, is a former Brazilian striker. After scoring a striking goal in 1971 at Maracana Stadium against International on his debut, he was nicknamed Dynamite. This name was given by a journalist of Jornal dos Sports newspaper, named Aparicio Pires. 

He is a Vasco da Gama player and all-time top goalscorer. He is also a leading scorer in the Brazilian Serie A. In the 1978 and 1982 World Cups, he played for Brazil, while for the Olympic Games in 1972. Also from the year 2008 to 2014, he was the president of Vasco da Gama. 

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