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The Most Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names


The Most Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names       

Have you ever played fantasy football? This is a virtual platform that allows you to play football with your own team where you can be the manager of the football team, choose your favourite player and win exciting prizes as well. This virtual American football game has become very popular in the last few years. 


If you have also participated in such a virtual football league, you might have come across different fantasy football team names. Some names are unique and professional but some of the names are funny and seem inappropriate. Well, our job is to find these names for you to make you laugh. Let's check out these inappropriate fantasy football names you have ever heard.

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  • Landrey’s Nutz

The first and most inappropriate fantasy football team name 2023 that we are going to mention is Landrey’s Nutz. Nutz is a slang word deliberately used to create an inappropriate fantasy football team name.

  • Double D Kupps

Another inappropriate name that we have ever heard. This name is not only inappropriate but has a double meaning that doesn't go with the purpose. Most importantly, keeping such a football team name doesn't have any significance either.

  • The Chris Godamns

The Chris Godamns is the next inappropriate fantasy team name. Chris Damned is a popular actor and doesn't have any connection with football. Hopefully, any fan of him has kept such a name for his fantasy team or in reverse he might not like the actor and that's why kept this kind of name to show hatred. 

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  • Austin Pooper

One of the most hilarious and best inappropriate fantasy football team names we have heard of is Austin Pooper. Austin refers to someone's name and the meaning of the name is really hilarious. 

  • Steeler Virginity

Now that's a great humourous name one could think of his fantasy football team. The owner of the team must have wild thoughts about stealing someone's virginity. In our opinion, the name is inappropriate as a fantasy football team name.

  • Sex DALs

Here is another one, that is not only inappropriate but vulgar as well. The name has nothing to do with a virtual football league. Some people prefer to keep such names to highlight them amongst others.

  • AssFoles

We have come across another unique and hilarious fantasy football team named AssFoles. Don't misjudge the name without properly pronouncing it. The name is just fine but still people misread it. 

  • Get it Ingram

We hope this name has a certain connection with Instagram. The owner of the team might have some strong connections with his Instagram account. 

  • Booty-Chasers

Booty-Chasers!! Who keeps this sort of name in their fantasy team? The name is not only appropriate but thinking it as a football team name will make you laugh. Our advice to the team owner is to chase the football, not the booty. 

  • We’re All Gonna Get Calaised

The name is quite a big one for a football team fantasy name. Hence we can say that it is quite inappropriate. The team owner should work on their naming skills. 

  • Return of the Mack

The name 'Return of the Mack' is nice but it is more like of a filmy name and sounds like a movie sequel. If you have kept such names to your fantasy team then you should also think once more. 

  • Watt the Fuck

Another inappropriate fantasy league name that we are going to mention is Watt the Fuck. This kind of name doesn't have any relationship with the game. We have heard this name during casual talks. The owner might get out of their thoughts to keep such names.  

  • Myles Jack Off

When we were searching for inappropriate fantasy names this one name took our attention. Myles Jack is a famous football player. The owner of the fantasy football team who keeps this name must have named it after the famous footballer. But later he added 'Off' which is insignificant.

  • Alshon Jeffrey Didn’t Kill Himself

The name sounds like an interesting thriller movie and hence not suitable as a fantasy football team name. 

  • Vick Brothers Obedience School

Vick Brothers Obedience School is also another inappropriate name for the fantasy football team. This name is better suited to some coaching institutes or schools.

  • Marino Means No

Here comes another meaningless fantasy football team name. The creator should think of something else instead of Marino Means No.

  • Two Gurleys, One Kupp

One of the most embarrassing and inappropriate fantasy names that we have ever seen is Two Gurleys, One Kupp. Come in! What was the owner thinking while keeping such a name? The name is making everyone uneasy.

  • My Ball Zach Ertz

Have you ever heard of this fantasy team named My Ball Zach Ertz? Well, you might not but heard the name Zach Ertz is very popular. He is one of the most famous footballers of these days. But the meaning of the name is not clear when you add My Ball to it.

  • Kissing Cousins

This one is also an embarrassing and fantasy football team name meaningless name that you should not try.

  • Wham Bam Thank You, Graham

The next option of inappropriate name for the fantasy football team. It looks like the owner is thanking someone named Graham. 

  • Oops I Crapped My Fants

The most inappropriate fantasy football league names that you will surely avoid if ever come across. Thank god the owner used the word Fants instead of Pants. 

  • Cleaning Foreskins

This the most dirty funny fantasy football names you might have heard. Cleaning foreskin could be a healthy habit but keeping such a name as a fantasy football team will be the worst decision. 

  • Jack Goff Inside Of You

When we heard of this fantasy football team name, we didn't understand anything about it. The name is ok but not suitable for a fantasy team.

  • Hung Just Like a Bronco

This name will be a funny one if you keep it as your fantasy team name. 

  • Brees Milk

Before judging it, just pronounce the word correctly. It's not what you are thinking. Though there is nothing wrong with the name, still a bit inappropriate. 

  • Hit Me Baby One More Time

This seductive line will be most suited to impress someone but not as a fantasy team name.

  • Martial Law

What's the point of connecting martial law with a fantasy football game? For us, this name is surely inappropriate.

  • Game of Throw-ins

Fantasy football game doesn't have any similarities with Gane of Thrones but the owner must be a huge fan of the show. That's why he connected the show name with the game.

  • Ctrl Alt De Laet

You can press Ctrl, Alt, and Del together the delete computer files permanently but this cannot happen with your fantasy football team. The owner should rethink his idea.

  • Lallanas in Pyjamas

Another best inappropriate fantasy football name that will make you cry out of laughter. Now don't ask us who is Lallanas and why he is in his Pyjamas.

  • Wroten in the Stars

There is a famous saying that your name will be written in the starts. But Wroten in the Stars will be a very inappropriate name for a fantasy football team.

  • DengGirl!

The owner of the team might be a girl who seems very dangerous. Our assumptions could be false also, but the name is not appropriate.

  • Shock the Clock

How come a fantasy football team can chock the clock? This is another example of an inappropriate name for a fantasy football team.

  • The Mighty Jockstraps

The Mighty Jockstraps has the most inappropriate fantasy football logos as in our opinion. Check out the logo once and you will understand why.

  • Tackling Turkeys

Are turkeys playing and tackling football? Ever heard about that? It's also another big example of an inappropriate name.

  • Finger Bang Gang

This is our next option of an inappropriate name for the fantasy football league

  • Try-Hard Tramps

The name is interesting but best suited to any card group or team. 

  • Face Masks

Again comes a funny fantasy football name Face Masks. You can wear a face mask but cannot name your fantasy team the same.

  • Inebriants

Inebriants means drunkenness and if you are keeping such names to your fantasy team, that means you don't know about the game at all. The name is silly and doesn't click from the game's point of view.

  • Butterfingers

The name looks more like a restaurant name than a fantasy football team. 

  • Taylor Swift Moves

This is another inappropriate fantasy name associated with the famous singing sensation Taylor Swift. You should immediately consider changing the name of your fantasy football team as it doesn't match at all.

  • Tentacle Twinters

Never name your fantasy team as Tentacle Twinters. The name is meaningless and seems like you are describing some insects instead of a fantasy football team. We consider this name inappropriate also.

  • Purple Nurples

Looks like the owner of the fantasy football team really likes riddles. The name is quite a childish one and also doesn't possess any meaning or have any connection with the fantasy football league.

  • Gridiron Goons

When we first discovered the name Gridiron Goons, the first thought that came to our mind was of some criminal gangs. A fantasy football team could be anything but not goons. This is another worst-chosen name for a fantasy football team.

  • The Booty Busters

It's a vulgar name and completely does not go with the football team name. Fantasy football team names should be unique but that doesn't mean owner can name their team anything like that. Many people will feel embarrassed hearing such names. Some will even make fun of the team.

  • White Thighs

The owner wanted to create a cool unique name for his fantasy football team but made it quite absurd at the end. White Thighs sounds uncool as a fantasy football team name and hence it's inappropriate.

  • The Bikini Gladiators

One of the lamest fantasy football inappropriate names of all time is The Bikini Gladiators. Which footballer wears a bikini? We don't think the owner has made a clear decision by choosing this name. Their purpose is just to make a joke. 

  • BootyBuddies

Another embarrassing name we have found of a fantasy football team - BootyBuddies. Footballers wear boots so the intention behind the name is not bad but we think the owner has mispelled the word.

  • One Yard Shy

No wonder this name 'One Yard Shy' is in our list of inappropriate fantasy football team names. It doesn't have any meaning at all.

  • Dirty Dogs

Dirty Dogs is among those funny inappropriate fantasy football names that will surely make you laugh. The comparison of footballers with dogs is not so fair. 

  • Little Darlings

Looks like someone addressing this name to do cute kids. The name is indeed cute but if you see it as a fantasy football team name, then it will become inappropriate. You should try any other name instead.

  • XXXford University

XXXford University is the next inappropriate fantasy team name that we will include in our list. It's not at all suits as a fantasy team name rather seems like you are mentioning an adult website. 

  • Sweat Monkeys

We all know that football is a game of effort and energy. So, sweating is a normal phenomenon. But that doesn't mean you can call your team Sweat Monkeys, as it could be an embarrassing name. 

  • Muffin Munchers

The name Muffin Munchers is a great name if used for a bakery shop. Footballers don't munch on muffins. This it is also another inappropriate name for a fantasy cricket team

  • Empire of Greed

Another filmy name that doesn't suit to fantasy football team at all. Those who keep this kind of name must be very filmy to think of such names.

  • All Balls No Dick

If someone told you to mention one dirty and funny fantasy football name, you can surely consider this one. We can't understand the point of keeping such a vulgar team name while playing fantasy cricket.

  • The Wall Street Warriors

Another inappropriate name that sounds like an animated series. The name is not at all made for a fantasy football team.

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