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1000+ 3 Letter Baby Girl Names Indian


1000+ 3 Letter Baby Girl Names Indian

After those little feet enter the world, the first thing parents think about is the child's name. While some people choose funny names, some prefer long ones. But real names don't need to be lengthy to sound great. Despite the names being tiny, they hold great meaning to it. 

Indian Baby Girl of 4 years holding a doll

These days short names are in trend, thanks to the timeless simplicity they hold. Haven't you heard good things come in small packages? Yes, this is the same with the Indian female names. Whether having difficulty or are confused about choosing a short name for your little one, here are the top recommendations for three-letter Indian baby girl names

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3 Letter Indian Baby Girl Names 

The charm of Indian girl names comes with unique and diverse meanings. These names hold great and deep value. And talking about short names, those are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. And here are some popular 3-letter baby girl names Indian for you :

  1. Ada 

Ada is a cute name that means noble and kind. It will be the perfect name for your little girl. After all, she is going to have a kind and sweet nature. Also, this name will give her plenty of inspiration. 

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  1. Ana

Ana is a Muslim Indian name and means Favored Grace and Self Respect. Besides, it is also used in the Hindu religion with the same meaning. It is surely a charming and beautiful name that your little girl will surely love throughout her life. 

  1. Ari

Another top 3-letter baby girl named Indian is Ari. It is a unisex name and is a shorter version of Ariana in India. This name characterizes a superior, feminine and very holy personality.

  1. Mia

Mia is a Hindu-originated name and means beautiful, bright and friendly. In Sanskrit origin, it means dream and illusion. Isn't it beautiful that she will carry this name forever with her and also carry spark and love everywhere she goes? 

  1. Gia

Gia is another best option when looking for 3 letter Indian girl names. This short name means God’s gracious gift. It also refers to love, earth and beauty. The name is also easy to pronounce and spell. 

  1. Tia 

Tia means an aunt or daughter who was born to royalty. A person with this name is considered both beautiful and independent. Surely this name will appeal to the joyful soul in your baby. 

  1. Isa

Isa is another best name and means strong-willed. Wouldn't you want your little one to be full fierce and strong when she grows up? Surely this solid name with a beautiful meaning is perfect for your little strong girl. It is truly a choice for 3 letter baby girl names of Indians

  1. Ira

Ira refers to Earth and is another good choice for your little one. It is a Sanskrit female and gender-neutral name. This name is best if you want your little girl to grow up to be vigilant and observant throughout her life. 

  1. Ria 

Ria is a beautiful name which means Goddess Lakshmi. It also refers to the graceful, singer and flower. This Hindu origin name is popular in the West and also means joy.  

  1. Uma

Looking for cute 3 letter names for your cute little girl? Uma is a good choice here for you. It is a beautiful Indian name and is the name of the Goddess Parvati. In Sanskrit, it means splendour, light and eternal knowledge and is used in many Indian cultures. Isn't it an auspicious name for your little girl?

Short and Cute Name for Indian Girls 

Here are some best 3-letter baby girl names Indian for you:

  1. Ina 

Ina is another great choice. It means mother, light up and ruler. In Sanskrit, it means, mighty. Wouldn't you want to see your little munchkin grow into a bold and determined lady? 

  1. Aru

Aru is a Hindu female name in India and refers to a better life. Your little girl will surely be beautiful just like the sun both from the inner soul and outside. 

  1. Gul

Gul is a Muslim Indian and falls under 3 letter Indian baby girl names. The name has very beautiful meanings such as precious, flower and fortune. It is the short version of female names like Gulafsha and Gulshan. 

  1. Ifa

Ifa is another beautiful name that means satisfying and keeping the faith. It is mostly used in Muslim families in India and originates from Arabic. 

  1. Umi

Looking for a 3 letter girl name that starts with U? Umi is a Hindu Indian female name associated with Goddess Parvati. However, it is a gender-neutral name. 

  1. Dua

Dua is a Muslim Indian girl name that means prayer and worship. This name has its origin in Arabic and has multiple meanings in Islam. It also refers to feminism and modernism. If you're a religious enthusiast, this name is a good way to keep a child devoted to her faith and religion. 

  1. Hur

Hur is a very beautiful Muslim name in India. It means liberal, free person, noble or a good action. This name is best for those who are keen towards their religion and want the child to be on the path of righteousness. It is surely a good choice when looking for short and 3 letter names for girls

  1. Sia

Sia is another good name meaning victory. It belongs to the name of Goddess Sita and refers to white moonlight. This name also characterizes the personality of a beautiful woman. 

  1. Ela

Ela is a Hindu girl's name which means Earth. According to Sanskrit and its meaning, this little girl of yours can be the radiant little torch of your family. This is another great choice when choosing from three-letter baby names

  1. Aya

Aya is a Muslim female name and it refers to bees or nurses of the younger ones in the Urdu language. However, it also refers to Hindu sources. Overall, this name is a great choice for those who want to share their faith with their little ones. 

Cute and Short 3-Letter Girl Names in India 

Here are some other cute 3 letter baby girl names for you:

  • Dee

  • Ena

  • Emi

  • Joi

  • Kya

  • Lil

  • Ora

  • Pia

  • Pru

  • Sue

  • Tai

  • Zoe

  • Kei

  • Aja

  • Ama

  • Ahi

  • Ani

  • Anu

  • Asa

  • Aza

  • Hua

  • Eka

  • Hir

  • Ida

Some other 3-Letter Indian Girl Names

Additionally, here is a list of 3 letter names for you:

  • Iha

  • Inu

  • Jui

  • Kas

  • Pal

  • Pia

  • Rai

  • Rea

  • Sur

  • Ila

  • Ati

  • Eta

  • Oni

  • Sai

  • Iba

  • Afi

  • Taj

  • Hua

  • Ary

  • Ash

  • Rui

  • Deb

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