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1000+ Rich Baby Girl Names


1000+ Rich Baby Girl Names     

Are you all set to welcome a baby girl to your family? Or is it that your baby girl is waiting to have a name for herself? Names are usually given after considering the special meanings behind them. No matter which culture or tradition you value, the name you choose will carry an air of sophistication and style. If you are thinking of searching for rich baby girl names, then why the fuss?

List of Rich Baby Girl Names

There are many luxury names available that are timeless classics and never go out of style. Not only that, these rich-sounding names bring along abundance and impact the child's life with good fortune. Well, without making you wait any longer, let's take a look at these beautiful names right away. 

Baby Girl Name That Sounds Rich

  1. Alexandra 

One of the first rich names that you may come across is Alexandra. This name is a perfect mixture of strong and soft that brings an ancient feel. It is derived from the name of King Alexander who was known to be the fighter or defender of mankind. 

  1. Ekadhana 

A name that refers to richness or luxuriousness is Ekadana. It can be given to a baby girl and comes from Indian origin. When you look closely at its meaning, it refers to Eka “ one “ and Dhana “wealth“. By combining, it means a portion of wealth.

  1. Aaditri 

The next rich female name that you will come across is Aaditri. This name is known to be another name of the Goddess Laxmi who signifies wealth and prosperity. When you keep this name for your child, people from the Hindu religion will already know what it means.

  1. Isheeta 

Isheeta is an Indian name that has its origin dating back centuries in the nation. You may even find this name in Sanskrit. Usually, this name has existed over the years but still appears to be fashionable. When you check out its meaning, you may find several of them including wealth, superiority, mastery, eminence and more.

  1. Allison

Allison is another top name that you will find in the list of rich names. This name is widely popular and you may even find actresses with this name on television. When it comes to disclosing the meaning behind this name, Allison refers to “Noble one“.

  1. Kinari 

The name sounds a little unique as it is rare and uncommon. But if you search for the meaning of the name Kinari, you will get meanings like Shore and musical instrument. Also, the meaning is associated with richness which suggests “ Goddess of Wealth”.

  1. Adeola 

When searching for rich baby girl names that are unique and pretty at the same time, Adeola can be chosen. This name is usually given to girls and means “ crown of wealth “. You can give this name to your child and also refer it to others. 

  1. Donatella 

You may have heard of rich people having the name “Donatella“. Cannot recall? Well, remember the popular fashion designer from Italy? Now imagine your daughter being given this beautiful name. What a gift it could be. 

  1. Samriddhi 

Samriddhi is a popular Indian name that you may find people from different cultural backgrounds giving to their girl child in the nation. This name has a range of meanings and also comes from Sanskrit. Some of the meanings include wealth, good luck and success. The name may be age-old but is still very trendy.

  1. Caige 

Caige is a popular name that sounds expensive and rich at the same time. It is trendy and unique as well. One can give this name to their newborn son as well as daughter. The name meaning refers to someone wise as well as wealthy. 

  1. Henrietta 

One of the most expensive-sounding baby names that you can pick is Henrietta. Even though this name is vintage, its meaning exudes “old money”. Even though the name is short and sweet, it is classic on its own. Another meaning of this name is “ estate ruler”. 

  1. Odette 

Odette is another luxurious name that you will come across. This name comes from both French and German origin and gives a feminine touch. However, before you choose to pick this name, know that the meaning would be “wealthy”. 

  1. Cressida 

Cressida is a unique rich girl names that seems beautiful. You may not find many people having this name. But if you come across one, then know that the name means “ Gold”. 

  1. Ashirah 

Ashirah is a popular name that may have its origin coming from the Arabs. The name is beautiful and sounds both sweet as well as precious. When you take a deeper look into its meaning, the name Ashirah means someone wealthy and also noble-hearted at the same time. 

  1. Dhani 

Dhani is an Indian word for someone rich. There are high possibilities that this name may have originated from Sanskrit. But since ancient times, Dhani has been used as a name for girls as well as boys. It is unique yet classy. When talking about its meaning, it refers to Wealthy and Prosperous

  1. Edie 

If you are searching for rich baby girl names that can also be used as a nickname, then why not choose Edie? It is a cute and simple name that has a great meaning. The name refers to someone who is known to bring wealth and success from the war. 

  1. Edwina 

Among the rich people's baby names to pick, Edwina is a highly popular one. You may find people from all classes and backgrounds giving this name to their child. To be specific about its meaning, it refers to a wealthy friend. 

  1. Blaed

Blaed is a name coming from the old English origin. It can be given to both girls as well as boys. When talking about the meaning, Blaed refers to wealth and glory. It is one of the most unique names that you may come across.

  1. Darrah 

How uncommon is the name Darrah sounds?  Right? When searching for affluent baby names for your little angel, you can decide on this one. The name comes from Irish origin and refers to the meaning “wealthy”. 

  1. Jesse 

Jesse is a popular name that you may have heard from many renowned figures to own. But did you not know that this name is associated with richness? Yes, Jesse refers to gifts and wealth. And this one of the rich first names comes from Hebrew origin. 

  1. Riddhi 

Riddhi is an ancient name that comes from the Indian origin. You may even find this name in many religious books from India and Sanskrit as well. It is associated with one of the Hindu goddesses. And its meaning refers to rich, wealthy, lucky, prosperity and fortunate. 

  1. Kody 

Kody is one of the very popular rich girl names that comes from an Irish origin. This name is very renowned and many actors can be seen having it. Be it you have a newborn baby boy or a girl, this name is suitable for all. Also, the meaning of this name is wealthy and helpful. 

  1. Jeslyn

Jeslyn is an English name that is associated with richness and wealth. This name also comes from India as you may find many girls having the same name but a different spelling like Jasline, Jesseline, Jaslyne, and more. Talking about the meaning, it refers to someone who is blessed with beauty and wealth.

  1. Nimah 

Nimah is a well-liked name for baby girls that can be used. This name comes under the list of rich women's names and was given to those who were born in wealthy times in the ancient period. Its origin is known to come from the Arabs and is becoming trendy these days again.

  1. Hemali 

Hemali is an Indian name that refers to someone who brings wealth. It can be given to a girl child and is very popular in India. 

  1. Olanda 

A unique, popular and very sophisticated name to pick is Olanda. Not many people can be found with this name and it is truly adorable. It is perfect for girls and refers to someone rich in money and jewel items. 

  1. Regina 

One of the very rich baby girl names that is not very common but yet popularly known is Regina. This name can be given to girls as their official name mostly and not the nickname. And when it comes to the meaning, Regina means Queen. 

  1. Monet

Monet is a popular name and comes from English origin. This name refers to someone who is a fortune protector or a wealth protector. 

  1. Serwa

It is pretty sure and obvious to say that you may have never heard this name before. Yes, this is one of the rarest names that you may come across which means Rich and Wealthy. 

  1. Dior

You may have heard of the term “Dior“. Yes, it is a popular brand in today's time. But did you know, it is also a name that is given to baby girls? Well, many people do not know of this, but it can be given to a girl child and refers to the meaning of “ Golden “. It comes from French origin and appears to sound elegant.

  1. Elizabeth 

Elizabeth is one of the most rich-sounding first names that you may find. Yes, you may have heard of many Elizabeths across the world. From queens with this name to actresses and other renowned figures - the name has a strong significance. And when talking about its meaning, Elizabeth refers to “God's promise”.

  1. Joanne 

One of the fancy rich girl's names is Joanne, which means “God is gracious”. This name comes from English origin and is stylish as well as classic at the same time. If you are thinking about its popularity, then know that the renowned author and also the first billionaire author J.K Rowling has this name. 

  1. Edmonia 

Edmonia can be used as an official name for your girl child. This name can be given to one because of its uniqueness and simplicity. However, to take a look at the meaning, Edmonia means someone who is a wealthy person just like a queen. 

  1. Arika 

One of the rich-sounding girl names is Arika which you can pick. This name is known to be another name of Goddess Lakshmi. In the Hindu religious belief, Lakshmi is seen as the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and luck. By giving this name to your child, you would also fulfil the religious belief.

  1. Krizia 

Krizia appears to be a very unique name that you may come across. This name refers to richness and wealth. It can be given to a girl child as an official as well as a nickname. 

  1. Dhanapriya 

Dhanapriya is one of the traditional rich baby girl names which you can pick. If you look closely into the meaning, Dhana refers to “wealth”, Whereas, Priya refers to “ beloved”. When you combine the both, it means someone who is loved by wealth.

  1. Eadu 

Eadu comes as another unique name in the list which means wealth and richness. This name can be given as a nickname mostly to the newborn girl child. But if you want, you can use it as an official one as well. 

  1. Dhanshika 

If you want to give your baby the richest name, why not call her Dhanshika? It is usually given to girls and its meaning is someone who is a queen of wealth. 

Why Should You Choose Rich Names for Baby Girls? 

There are many reasons why you must choose high-class girl names. Some of these reasons include the following.

  • As the name would be associated with wealth, they are likely to bring prosperity and abundance. 

  • These names evoke luxury, style, sophistication and beauty all at once. 

  • The names would soon become popular in the future. 

  • These names are likely to set a trend where people would adore it. 

  • The rich-sounding baby names would bring a flashier feel and embody an essence of success. 

These are a few reasons why people prefer keeping rich names for their babies. Your reason could differ from the others but would surely be liked by people when they hear you calling it out loud. 

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